Retail store chain management and payment system (Phase 2)

Famous retail chain in Japan.

Technology stacks

Ruby, Java, Golang, Postgresql

Development Team

1 PM, 18 dev (5 FE, 13 BE), 2 comtor


1 year


The system of retail stores is managing information about import plans, selling prices, inventory, and revenue separately. At the same time, an outdated payment system causes a bad customer experience and reduces revenue.

HBLAB's Solutions

Project 2: Upgrade the multi-modal payment system via mobile payment App and prepaid hard card for regular customers.

Researching and consulting customers to develop an app for shoppers to create a push noti channel with customers, helping customers pay conveniently with the following functions:

  • Register user information
  • Deposit money from the bank into the app (developed)
  • Payment via app (not yet developed)


At the same time, develop the features on the hard card:

  • Top up cash on your card and pay by card
  • Check card balance (via machine system located at stores)
  • Change card status, check card status (card in use is enabled state, locked cardis is disabled state)

The card is provided and operated by a 3rd party, HBLAB has supported the customer to handle the connection backend.


  • Make it more convenient in payment operation, minimizing cash exposure in cashless form.
  • Save time and effort of manual payment, resulting in a better customer experience.
  • Retailers can manage customer information, have customer data recorded through the app system and the machine located at the store.


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