Accounting, Payroll, Timekeeping System

The company provides accounting, payroll and timekeeping systems for construction companies. The company is holding a large market share in the Japanese market.

Technology stacks

Java, Javascript, NextJS

Development Team

1 PM, 1 comtor, 1 BE, 1 FE


9 months


The customer's attendance management system only works on the Desktop, making it difficult to flexibly manage and use

HBLAB's Solutions

Develop web and mobile versions based on desktop apps available from customers

Optimize the system for customers with actions:

  • Add budget reference screen
  • Add feature to be able to specify screen time when testing
  • Make sure connecting multiple databases to the timesheet cloud
  • Fix interface: warning, button,...


  • The web app system works well, smoothly, there are no old system bugs
  • Connect multiple databases to the timesheet cloud (max 99 databases) without reducing performance quality


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