AI-Data Analytics Model prediction of baseball index in Game

Japanese Technology Company in the field of Game, Sport DX, AI & Marketing

Technology stacks

Random forest, XGboost

Development Team

1 AI engineer


2.5 months


The developing game on the baseball team management simulation lacks reality experiences in the content because there is no information to predict and simulate the development and change of the team in 1, 2 years.

HBLAB's Solutions

Statistics of baseball teams in 3 years time

Building simulation models of up-down trends of baseball players

  • Basis information: age, competition record, current running speed, technical score, fitness score.
  • Assessments and predictions: Running speed, technical score, fitness score in the following year.

Applying Model AI technology on game to create genuine experience for gamers.


The game has now reached 10,000 players in Japan.


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