Model AI - Identification and reading of license plates

The client provides technology solutions for parking in Japan

Technology stacks

Image Processing, Deep Learning (YOLOX, Swin-transformer, ONNX, OCR)

Development Team

2 AI engineer + 1 PM + 1 Comtor 


3 months


The customer's old technology license plate reading software is limited in its ability to read & process information due to its complete dependence on the original database. Inability to self-study & flexible handling.

HBLAB's Solutions

Combining Image Process with Deep learning Model, which helps to increase self-learning and processing capabilities. Thereby increasing the accuracy and flexibility when updating information, systems for the software.


Reduce the amount of Data that must be input to train the input system.

  • System Accuracy: 99.97%
  • Processing time: 2s/1 image (on low-configuration devices - fanless case)


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