MAE Platform Developed by HBLAB

Technology stacks

Development Team

Front end: 1 Senior, 2 Middle

Backend infrastructure: 1 Senior, 2 Middle

Core: 1 Middle (developer), 1 Senior (master)


Minimum 1 month


Large locations and complex structures make it difficult for first-timers to find and move to the area they need, especially office buildings, commercial centers, exhibitions, etc.

HBLAB's Solutions

HBLAB and partners jointly proposed the idea of ​​implementing a platform that can help users easily locate. This platform can be quickly customized based on the space that customers want to apply.


With end-users:

  • Locate easily
  • Increase good user experience

With businesses/clients:

  • Renew business image
  • Optimize cost and time (within 1 month only)


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