Users connection & Book sell E-commerce Website

Technology stacks


Development Team

  • 1 PM, 1 BrSE, 5 developer, 2 tester 



4 months


The client is a business that sells books. That business situation during difficult epidemic period leads to the fact their end customers do not have opportunity to buy books offline or attend events. As a result, client wants to build an e-commerce website to::


  1. Sell books

2. Create a community of users with similar reading interests, allowing them to meet and exchange with each other via video calls on the system.

HBLAB's Solutions

  1. Selling book function: HBLAB used EC CUBE platform to develop and customize matching systems and e-commerce websites.
  2. Video call function: Video calling system is developed rapidly by HBLAB, using the AWS Chime platform.


Although the client company was unable to organize offline matching events due to the epidemic, the new system operation increased revenue by more than 20%.

The system was also advertised on television after its release in Japan


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