All-in-one Marketing System

Marketing Solution Company

Technology stacks

PHP, Laravel, Reactjs, Javascript, MySQL, AWS

Development Team

1PM, 1.5 comtor, 3 Dev PHP, 4 Dev client, 3 tester


13 months


The all-in-one Marketing system including websites & sales funnel builder is getting special attention from small and medium businesses, startups, freelancers. Customers want to find a company that can transform business problems into technical and development solutions.

HBLAB's Solutions

Design and build a website system based on the principle of Sales Funnel. The Steps in Sales Funnel are designed to be included in the subpage from 1. Product Introduction, 2. Order, 3. Thank you to 4. Edit cart

- Develop email marketing automation system

- Link with convenient payment methods for transactions related to Landing page.

- Affiliate management function helps to track, support and pay affiliate partners to get product links to introduce businesses to customers.


The system is designed and developed following customer requirements. The product has been put into operation and received positive feedback from end users.


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