Game Poker Store Management System

Software company providing Poker Game management system

Technology stacks

PHP, Laravel, Unity, React-native, AWS: Route 53, EC2, RDS, ElasticBeanstalk, S3, CloudFront, Load balancing, Auto Scaling, CloudWatch

Development Team

2 BrSe, 1 PM, 10 Dev, 2 Tester, 2 Comtor


29/03/2021 ~ present


The majority of poker game club chains do not have a centralized management system, so they have to manually manage large amounts of data (from branch data to player data, revenue) on many inconsistent platforms. . Understanding this problem, the customer posed the idea of developing an integrated system to manage store chains, manage players and post information for upcoming events to promote.

HBLAB's Solutions

Consult, design and develop the poker game store chain management ecosystem including:

  1. Web admin overall management
  2. Web and mobile app ecosystem for each poker shop branch to manage game system and players
  3. Web and mobile app ecosystem for players to register information, save information about the number of chips, tournaments participated and view upcoming event.
  4. App poker timer shows time and game level at each store
  5. Currently, HBLAB & customers are planning to develop more features of NFT payment


  • With system provider: Customer and revenue growth
  • Game store chains using the system:
  • Easily manage and retrieve player information, revenue information
  • Save time and money doing manual tasks
  • Promote information about upcoming events faster to players
  • Increase the number of players from promoting events


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