Online Movie Website

Customers working in television field provide movies via online movie viewing software on smart TVs.

Technology stacks

AWS, Google cloud, golang, react, redux

Development Team

1 dev (labo)


1/2021 - Present


The number of users is large, but customers do not have a system to automatically update information and manage users. As a result, it takes labor and time to manually update user information. Besides, many functions have been out of date compared to modern technology, causing difficulties for users, reducing revenue and followers.

HBLAB's Solutions

Maintain existing website and develop more features:

- Editor has the right to download the video for editing before sending it to viewers

- Record editor activities such as uploading videos, editing videos

- Automatically save user's login history


  • Save time and manual management effort
  • Make it more convenient for managing and tracking user's login, edit, and upload video activities


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