Beauty Business

Technology stacks

PHP, Laravel, MySQL, AWS, Shopify SDK

Development Team

4 dev, 1 test, 1 Com , 1 PM


4 months


The client owns a chain of beauty salons. The system of scheduling, services, purchases, etc. is managed on Shopify.

However, customers are facing problems with management and decentralization. Specifically:

  1. On Shopify admin, there is no feature to manage permissions at all levels.
  2. There is no feature to manage products, customers, orders decentralized for each company, salon and staff.


HBLAB's Solutions

HBLAB developed a web application in conjunction with Shopify that allows:

  • Manage permissions for each company, salon and Staff
  • Decentralize management of products, customers, separate orders for each company, salon and Staff

Data system is linked with the Shopify system of the customer in the following direction:

  • Shoppers: Register to make purchases on shopify.
  • Companies, salons, staff manage products, customers, and orders on the system HBLAB developed..



System separation helps to reduce costs, optimize operations, and meet other operational needs of customers at the same time.


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