Online & offline order management system

Technology stacks

PHP, Laravel, MySQL, AWS, SDK, Shopify SDK

Development Team

1 PM, 3 developer, 1 tester, 1 Comtor


2 months


  1. The client own 2 order management systems: online via Shopify and offline via Smaregi, which is difficult to manage order and warehouse. Therefore, they want to integrate management and operation for consistency.
  2. When operating, customers' infra (Server) costs are high. They have not found an optimal way to reduce this cost.

HBLAB's Solutions

  1. About the order management integration: HBLAB developed a system on Shopify to integrate customers' online & offline order management; Meet logistics and order management requirements accurately.
  2. About the cost:: HBLAB reviews the entire configuration of infra(Server), re-evaluates the number of users, amount of resources the servers need. After that, HBLAB proposes the option to adjust the infra(Server) configuration for the customer.


The synchronous system is used efficiently, reducing operating costs by 30% and minimizing the risk of human error.


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