Idol goods Production and Distribution company

Technology stacks

Laravel, Reactjs, MySQL

Development Team

  • 0.5PM, 1 Comtor, 4 PHP, 3 ReactJS, 4 QC



5 months


The client produces souvenirs/stickers/icons of idols. These products can be limited or limited edition, so customers have thought of raffles to give away items to drive sales and engagement.

HBLAB's Solutions

Consulting on developing a selling system that combines lottery function on the E-Commerce platform. Website meets the following features:

  • Create personal account & login
  • Show product
  • Pay
  • Additional functions that are not available such as: earn points, refund ship ...

Considering technologies and system design to ensure that the number of prize does not exceed the number of products currently in stock.


  • Customers increase revenue quickly
  • The system runs stably, ensuring at least 1500 users to access at the same time


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