Internal payment system

Software service company

Technology stacks

Postgresql, Spring, AWS: S3, NodeJS

Development Team

  • Phase 1: 1 PM, 1 Brse, 7 Dev, 5 Dev Smartphone
  • Phase 2: 0.25 PM, 0.5 Comtor, 1 Brse, 3 Dev, 1.5 QC


  • Phase 1: 6 months
  • Phase 2: 6 months


Sales & deployment activities of employees need to move and travel a lot. However, the lack of a system of declaration and payment for employees causes a lot of difficulties for both employees and the accounting and management departments.

HBLAB's Solutions

Develop a website with features:

1. Create a form: staff can create an application before or after paying the fee

+ Create a form before payment: enter the estimated amount, after paying and having the invoice, the system will automatically compare the invoice with the original estimate, calculate the difference. After that, the accountant will check for the last time

+ Create a form after payment: enter the amount, attach a photo of the invoice or other necessary documents, save the date and time of the payment

2. Admin will decentralize approval for each department, the invoice will automatically be sent to the right person with the right to approve in that department

3. If the form is declined, the system will notify the staff to re-create a new form.


Product meets the business design requirements of customers, brings benefits to end-users including:

  • Save time and effort on completion, submit manual approval
  • Save information about each expense, convenient in retrieving information and summarizing and reporting periodically
  • Make it easy for the accounting department to check and make payments, even advance payments


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