Factory production process management system (Phase 2)

Enterprises producing & supplying raw materials and products in the garment industry.

Technology stacks

Laravel, Reactjs, MySQL

Development Team

0.5 PM, 0.5 Comtor, 3 ReactJS, 1 PHP, 1.5 QC


5 months


The client's business ranges from the production of specific materials to product processing and distribution. The raw material itself is also a deliverable product. The current management system is not linking the entire supply chain, production and distribution, thereby making it difficult for business planning and overall management.

HBLAB's Solutions

Project 2: Production process management system

Consulting and building an App ecosystem on Ipad that allows managing the entire production process and employee attendance. Employees can register and log their work directly on the system. Specifically:

- Building a work line management system:

  1. Receive order from order management unit
  2. Process and select suppliers to import production materials
  3. Manage product production process, delivery time and workers.

- Additional main features in production management system:

  • Check-in (workers check-in by ipad)
  • Material import management
  • Process management - production schedule
  • Export planning
  • Material management - inventory quantity
  • Customer information

- Build a data synchronization function from the order management system to the production process management system


  • Make it more convenient in the supply management process
  • Set up the production process in the factory for efficient management
  • Easily manage order production status
  • Employees can manipulate timekeeping more easily


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