Factory production process management system (Phase 3)

Enterprises producing & supplying raw materials and products in the garment industry.

Technology stacks

Reactjs, MySQL

Development Team

1 ReactJS


4 months


The client's business ranges from the production of specific materials to product processing and distribution. The raw material itself is also a deliverable product. The current management system is not linking the entire supply chain, production and distribution, thereby making it difficult for business planning and overall management.

HBLAB's Solutions

Project 3: Upgrade sales website

Due to the characteristics of the sales website, it includes both internal and external order objects. The customer's website no longer meets the user's needs. HBLAB has added and adjusted the website with the following functions:

  • Product introduction
  • Contact to order - quote


  • Solve the problem of digitizing and connecting the entire supply chain - production - distribution of customers.
  • Complete each subsystem to meet specific requirements from order management, quotation to personnel management, production process, product introduction & sales.
  • Stable operation system supports valuable information for business and production planning


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