Accounting system

Accounting - Finance Service Company

Technology stacks

Java, JSP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery

Development Team

1 PM, 2 Dev, 1 Comtor, 1 Tester


3.5 months


The customer's internal accounting web system is doing manual work with many functions, without a master data system, causing difficulties in data extraction and reporting.

HBLAB's Solutions

Design and update internal accounting web system for customers with the addition of functions:

+ The master screen synthesizes data, which is convenient for adding - editing - deleting

+ Add screen to generate invoices for each employee by day or by month to submit automatic approval

+ Build Batch automatically get approved invoice data


  • Customer can easily make statistics of daily and monthly revenues and expenditures, issue periodic reports to evaluate cost effectiveness, and make appropriate adjustments.
  • Save time and manual input - output data workload


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