Timesheet Management Website

A software service company specializing in providing timesheet management website.

Technology stacks

Java, JSP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery

Development Team

+ Phase 1-2: 0.5PM& Brse, 2 Dev, 1 QC

+ Phase 3-4: 0.5PM& Brse, 3 Dev, 1 QC


2 years


The client's Timesheet management software is not user-friendly. It also lacks many functions for user synchronization, single sign-on or holiday display.

HBLAB's Solutions

Revise the function & UX of the permission section to make it easier for users to manipulate.

Add functions:

  • Synchronize users when importing from csv files
  • Show vacation days, public holidays
  • Single-Sign-On feature: users only need to use 1 account for many websites and applications
  • Take screenshots of remote staff to record attendance


  • Improve management quality as it is more convenient and helps to save time
  • Reduce the amount of data accounts to manage, synchronize employee activities on different management platforms.
  • Easily manage employees' work and attendance even when working remotely


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