Real-estate Management System

Real-estate company

Technology stacks


Development Team

1 PM (Japanese), 2-3 dev, 0.5 comtor, 1 tester


4 months


The customer saved and managed real estate information system and employee management on different platforms, which makes it difficult to manage and especially time consuming in retrieving data from many sources.

HBLAB's Solutions

Proposing solutions to integrate individual systems into a single system to optimize time and resources management.

  • Actively clarify Spec and consult, build up solution systems following specific major and needs for customers.
  • Build an integrated management system of information fields:
  • Company information
  • Employee information, employee work schedule: used to manage employees and share with customers buying real estate.
  • Detailed information of each project: land information, brokers, photos, neighborhoods, quotation...


  • Reduce time management and effort on multiple apps
  • Store large amounts of data (including detailed images), which is convenient for data retrieval.


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