Model AI - Washing machines classification and direction determination

A technology company - The subsidiary of 3rd largest steel corporation in Japan

Technology stacks

Image Processing, Deep Learning (UNET, ResNet50)

Development Team

2 AI engineers


1.5 months


Customers have to assign staffs to distinguish the type of washing machine as well as adjust the direction of the machine on the recycling line so that the equipment and the automatic robot hand can work.

HBLAB's Solutions

  • Automatically recognize the type of washing machine, dryer and washing machine door direction by Model AI construction.
  • Provide data so that the equipment, automatic robot hand on the line can work correctly based on the machine type, the machine direction which had been recognized without the need for a staff to work on the line.


Automatically sort, orient & work on the line with 90% accuracy. Customers can save labor and complete their line automation process.


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