Model AI - Parts of Clothes Size Measurement

Fashion Manufacturing & Distribution Company

Technology stacks

Image Processing, Huristic argorism, DeeplabV3

Development Team

1 AI engineer


1 month for solution test - 1 month for development


The survey shows high customer churn rate due to uncertainty about the size of the clothes purchased online.

They demand to know more about detailed parts measurement information rather than basic measurements.

HBLAB's Solutions

Actively upload information following customer needs on the website in the fastest way.

  1. Use AI technology combined with Segment to quickly measure & display the dimensions of parts just by taking pictures.
  2. HBLAB proposed 3 solutions using different technologies, from which to test to choose the tool that gives the highest accuracy.
  3. Segment technology: Deeplab V3 was selected for its accuracy and ability to adapt to wide range of products.


The solution is being used on the customer's website with tolerance of result as low as about 30 pixels.

Closing rate increased by 8%.


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