Game Online & Realtime Livestream Website

Game/entertainment company providing services for 10,000 users/day

Technology stacks

PHP, Reactjs, Tencent TRTC SDK, Tencent IM SDK

Development Team

1 PM, 10 Dev, 2 comtor, 3 tester


3 months (After 3 months of development, HBLAB continues with maintain and adding functions phase)


The customer wants to develop a new online card game on the web platform, which allows livestream from casinos to be able to play in real time. The player's virtual currency is also processed and converted into real money.

HBLAB's Solutions

Customers only have ideas but do not have specific orders about functions. HBLAB has consulted and actively proposed the plan as well as clarified the spec for customers to approve.

HBLAB develops and integrates the livestream function in parallel with the virtual table, displaying comments and virtual items according to the approved plan and spec.


- Number of players increased by 7% due to an attractive and unique new function.

- Attract fans from participating livestreamers, livestreamers also have more fans and receive gifts from followers.


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