Electronic medical record system connected with smart watch

A software company provides hospitals and clinics with the system to record, process and analyze data from smart watches to record patient health status.

Technology stacks

Laravel, Postgresql, Timestream

Development Team

0.5PM, 0.5 Comtor / BA, 3 PHP, 2 QC


5 months


It is difficult to monitor the patient's regular indicators to make an accurate diagnosis. In addition, the patients themselves could not remember exactly their symptoms when explaining medical condition to the doctor.

To deal with this, synchronizing data from smart watches that patients use into the medical record system is becoming trend, which helps to monitor realistically and give effective warnings. 

However, customers cannot access and synchronize data with smart watches.

HBLAB's Solutions

  • Connect to the database of specified watch brand, collect data and develop a management system for end-users (doctors of hospitals) to access and monitor.
  • Build up a decentralized system to use for different hospitals / doctors / patients and ensure confidentiality.
  • Due to the fact that the health information from the watch is constantly updated per second, HBLAB recommends customers use Timestream instead of MySQL to ensure the update speed and compatibility with the health data.


Directly connect and collect almost real-time data from the watch into the system, helping doctors and medical facilities have the most accurate and up-to-date data for diagnosing and treating.


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