User Manual and Error Lookup Application

Specialized Construction Equipment Company: The 70-year-old company is globally renowned in the field of specialized construction equipment, especially cranes.

Technology stacks

React-native, Firebase Analytics, Firebase Crashlytic

Development Team

0.5 PM, 0.5 Comtor, 1 Dev React Native, 1 Tester


4 months


Specialized construction equipment has a particularly complex set of instructions for use and error handling. The current Hotline channel is facing difficulties due to the lack of images or visual descriptions from customers. The company needs a more intuitive connection channel with customers to provide the fastest experience - the most convenient when using as well as handling errors, to ensure the safety of users.

HBLAB's Solutions

HBLAB advises on developing a convenient app to guide and look up errors without a switchboard. Specifically:

  1. Collect information on firebase analytic to manage user behavior, support integration of visual and audio authentication technologies.
  2. Consulting, developing features:
  • User manual containing intuitive video with filter for each part
  • Search for errors by error code (shown on control panel) or error sound directly on App.
  • Auto-suggest Video on how-to-fix after identifying the error.


Buyers can easily be consulted and exchanged when encountering errors by voice search tools, images, the ability to identify errors of the app.


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