Electricity Notification Application

Electricity Business

Technology stacks

Postgresql, Spring, AWS: S3, ECS, CodeBuild, CodePipeLine

Development Team

0.5 PM, 0.5 Tester, 0.5 Comtor, 2 Developers


2.5 months


Customer lacks a mobile network to provide information on electricity usage and power generation notifications to their users, leading to difficulties in handling complaints from customers.

HBLAB's Solutions

HBLAB participates in building an app that connects companies with electricity users, solving the problem of time and human resources in sending information to users. Specifically:

  1. In charge of back-end development, specifically API for customer's mobile application.
  2. Consulting, proposing to develop some features: Send broadcast announcements, look up information about power factory,...

■ Duration: 2.5 months

■ Development Team: 0.5 PM, 0.5 Tester, 0.5 Comtor, 2 Developers

■ Technologies: Spring, PostgreSQL, AWS: 3, RDS, ECS, CodeBuild, CodePipeLine


- The process of receiving information on the customer's side is shortened
- Users receive information faster, more proactively


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