TV Shows Application

Asia's largest company in satellite and TV program development

Technology stacks

Laravel, Kotlin, Swift

Development Team

2 BrSE, 1 Infra, 1 tester, 1 Dev Android, 1 Dev iOS, 1 PM, 1 Comtor


15 months


The company has many separate apps and systems but still lacks important functions and their customers claim about complexity and inconvenience. In addition, the data loading speed is very slow.

HBLAB's Solutions

HBLAB improves performance and adds new features including:

  • Upgrading the server to speed up data loading
  • Integrate separate systems
  • Change to more user-friendly interface
  • Add log-in feature
  • Add function to watch live video & Video-on-demand
  • Integrate software to support user behavior statistics such as: Conomi, Tealium,...


  1. After 2 months, the number of users increased from 1,000 to 15,000
  2. Top 100 Entertainment Apps on App Store
  3. Attracted more than 100 000 downloads on Android


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