IT Company

Technology stacks

Java, AWS, DMS

Development Team

1 Dev, 1 tester, 2 infra


4 months


Customer's human resource management system uses NifCloud platform, lack of auto scale and centralized log database. At the same time, the cost is high and problems happen when Windows update security. 

Therefore, the customer needs a solution to the whole problem.

HBLAB's Solutions

1. HBLAB evaluates and recommends 2 Migration options from Nifcloud to AWS and chooses AWS DMS to meet customers' demand of fast-changing data in the long run. At the same time, minimize downtime, perform well, support data on-going replication.

2. Additional functions to optimize the system after migration:

  • Configure Auto scale, and scale by schedule
  • Configure Centralized logging
  • No need to access each server to update Windows and security

Add functions to optimize system after migration:

  • Automatically deploy from Jenkins into servers
  • Configure so that server Zabbix is able to communicate/collect metrics of other servers in private subnets

3. Operation transfer:

HBLAB prepared and provided detailed instructions in Japanese so that customers can implement it themselves. At the same time, HBLAB accompanied customers throughout the process to ensure smooth operation.


  • Perform migration in a short time (4-6 hours), without interrupting the operation and reducing the impact on overall operation of the system.
  • The system is stable and easy to manage. Automatic functions help to save time, ensure accuracy and reduce risk, increase security.


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