Media Company

Technology stacks

AWS Cloud, Terraform

Development Team

1 infra


3 months


Customer owns a platform to connect artists with event organizers or units in need.

The customer's system has several problems:

  1. Server is located in Japan, making it difficult to expand or automatically scale data, reduce downtime
  2. Need to link data with a 3rd party to use the same account
  3. Page loading speed is still low

HBLAB's Solutions

AWS implementation and system optimization solutions consulting:

Deploy AWS Cloud with Terraform.

  • Design AutoScale system and implement CDN (Content Delivery Network) to distribute data to users.
  • Deploy/update new source code according to automatic Blue/Green structure with no downtime.

Data Link

  • Since connecting to 3rd parties must go through an intermediary and there is no server-dev, HBLAB has simulated a server to test and ensure a smooth connection.

Improve page loading speed:

  • Identify the cause of slow speed: Front-end and backend of the system is running on the same app
  • HBLAB solved it by changing into a faster framework; separate the front-end and back-end running on separated apps to increase processing speed.


1. System Performance increased by 40%

2. Reduce cost:

  • Infrastructure cost is compatible with current users (~$800/month for Staging and Production)
  • Operating cost per month <0.25MM

3. Migration time ~4h, together with product feature update.

4. Data/system is backed up daily.

5. Page loading speed increased by 60%.


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