HR Management Company

Technology stacks

Postgresql, Python, AWS Cloud, Terraform

Development Team

1 person


6 months


Customers using on-premise systems have many disadvantages:

  • The system is old, the weekly and monthly scale of the system takes a lot of time.
  • Data scale has a complex structure, PostgreSQL capacity reaches more than 1.2TiB.

HBLAB's Solutions

  • Migrate 1.2TiB PostgreSQL to AWS Aurora
  • Build a new operating system with automatic backup and system scaling functions.


  • Migrate large capacity data but still ensure data integrity in shortest time of about 3 hours
  • Reduce operating costs for customers: the system automatically autoscale based on the load, following a predefined schedule without manual operation as before.
  • Reduce costs by 30% compared to the old system.


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