TOP 3 Airlines in Japan

Technology stacks

AWS Cloud, Terraform

Development Team

02 DevOps


1 month


The Terraform system has not completed yet, as a result, many Modules are manually updated to the cloud. At the same time, the system is not flexibly applied to different Modules and projects.

HBLAB's Solutions

Provide DevOps engineer and automatic model design consulting. Specifically:

  • Develop additional missing functions & write CI/CD and microservice model using terraform.
  • Consult & design automatic deployment flow:Terraform Code -> Github -> Automatically deploy Dev Environment to AWS ->  Automatically deploy Staging & Production Environment
  • CI/CD - Deploy source code to AWS infrastructure
  • Migration Database từ MySQL -> Redshift


  • Only 01 operation person needed
  • Automatic model allows to apply with similar projects without much manpower and time

Thereby, customers can save costs & optimize operational efficiency.


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