Chain of Retail companies

Technology stacks

Golang, GCP, Python, Terraform

Development Team

1 Infra PM, 1 Golang Dev, 0.2 BrSE


1 month


In order to support software that automatically displays product images in the store on the customer's shopping cart screen, a retail company needs a unified and convenient database to retrieve information.

However, the image database is currently being distributed to many platforms with different input methods, making it difficult to access data & scale up the database.

HBLAB's Solutions

Create a database on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and design an operating system including:

  • Automatically update the database including: product code, category, image link to Database Firestore when photos are uploaded.
  • Create an Admin management page: grant users, assign permissions, view product list
  • Store photos on GCP Cloud Storage
  • Automatically connect to the Database and retrieve images and accompanying information.


  • The solution’s initial cost is low but still meets the customer's problem of database unification & has ability to scale up.
  • The system operates automatically: from data upload to data retrieval, which helps to save time, manpower & ensure operating speed.


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