[News] HBLAB’s appearance in Japan’s AI development companies map

HBLAB was honored to be in the top 69 AI DEVELOPMENT – APPLICATION enterprises in the online newspaper AI ​​Market (Japan).

On May 13, 2021, AI Market published a Chaosmap listing company with outstanding services/products in AI DEVELOPMENT – USE. In the 185 businesses providing AI services/solutions, HBLAB company has appeared in the top 69 enterprises in AI Development.

Recognizing the potential of AI in the digital transformation process, HBLAB has invested in the research and development of dozens of large and small AI projects in different fields over the past four years.

Being recognized in the AI Market in particular and specialized AI communication channels in general is both a thriving force and a challenge for HBLAB to improve service quality increasingly, deploy solutions that meet customers’ needs, and integrate with the digital transformation flow society.

Link to the detailed article: https://bit.ly/3eM9g8i
Link Chaosmap 2021: https://lnkd.in/gNAkrCtQ

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