HBLAB anti-covid fund arrived at Binh Duong Field Hospital

82 million VND from HBLAB Anti Covid Fund has arrived where it needs to be. In addition to supporting the Vaccine Fund against Covid, the donation from HBLAB-ers was converted into medical equipments and supplies and sent to the field hospital in Dong Hoa, Di An, Binh Duong. HBLAB established the fund with the hope of contributing our bit of help to the medical team, helping Binh Duong overcome the epidemic during this peak period.

The HBLAB Anti Covid Fund has received the response of many HBLAB-ers because of the practical meaning and the urgency of the COVID situation. In just ten days, 82 million VND has been raised by members at both HBLAB Vietnam & HBLAB Japan. This activity has demonstrated the spirit of “SHARE” – one of the four core values ​​that HBLAB pursues.

Thank you HBLAB-ers for the spirit of solidarity to help our beloved community! We hope Vietnam will get well soon and fight off the pandemic.

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