[nonstop] chapter 1 - "unlimited power" competition officially started!

[Nonstop] Chapter 1 – “Unlimited Power” Competition Officially Started!

As an “appetizer” for the series of activities to celebrate HBLAB’s 8th birthday, yesterday afternoon, the first two challenges initially warmed up the competitive spirit of HBLABers, kicking off the journey “Nonstop – Breaking through the limit”. term”!

“Healthy boss, beautiful boss” – The contest dedicated to BOD and management level consists of 5 consecutive challenges, requiring physical strength, ingenuity and above all, a good combination between the bosses. With the cheers of the brothers, the leadership team overcame the challenge in a good way, bringing their team the first bonus points on the breakthrough race.

“Gen H spine” is an impressive performance of 5 teams with the toughness of 25 members participating in the competition. After 8 challenges with steps down to 85cm, the strongest “Gen H spines” appeared, won extremely tight prizes and jumped to the top of the Nonstop journey scoreboard.

Wish the teams will always keep the flame, fight hard in the next challenges 😉








[nonstop] chapter 1 - "unlimited power" competition officially started! 1

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