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Mid-Autumn Festival – HBLAB Family Day

In the joyful atmosphere before the full moon festival, HBLAB-ers joined in the fun at the Moon Moon event with a series of folk activities for the first time at HBLAB such as puppetry, lion dance, decoration. lanterns,… Besides, each member also gets to “take home” a set of HBLAB-style mooncakes!

“Mid-Autumn Festival is the Reunification Day” – That’s why this year we welcome HBSmalls who are the children of the company’s members. All have created a warm and welcoming atmosphere – in line with the motto “Pursue happiness for employees” that HBLAB has been pursuing for for the past 7 years.

Let’s look back at the moment HBLAB shared with each other during this year’s moon season through the following set of photos!

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