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HBLAB achieves CMMI Level 3 certification

On November 27, 2023, HBLAB JSC officially attained CMMI level 3 certification, endorsed by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association). This is a significant milestone that demonstrates HBLAB’s continuous growth and improvement in delivering quality technology services.


CMMI is an international standard for evaluating the maturity level of the software development process, developed by the Software Engineering Institute in the US and widely adopted worldwide. By reviewing and adjusting its process systems and providing training to 100% of its software engineers in various projects, HBLAB has officially joined the list of CMMI-certified businesses after just over 10 months of implementation. The company’s relentless efforts in standardizing its processes have placed HBLAB JSC among the top 20 businesses in Vietnam to successfully achieve this international certification.

The cmmi level 3 certification

The CMMI model has 5 maturity levels: 1-Initial; 2-Managed; 3-Defined; 4-Quantitatively Managed; 5-Optimizing. By reaching level 3/5 of the CMMI model, HBLAB has met all the requirements in 19 process areas, focusing on the following factors: Knowledge and skills analysis, human resource planning, career development for each individual, and activities based on individual competencies and culture. This level also requires HBLAB’s software development processes to be specific, clear, and well-documented through standards, tools, and methods used in the organization.

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Source: CMMI Institute


With the aim of pursuing and developing the software industry in a professional and long-term direction, HBLAB has been investing heavily in building and standardizing its processes according to international models to ensure product quality. Standardizing processes according to CMMI not only helps optimize the training, management, and operation of projects and departments within the company, but also helps increase customer loyalty in HBLAB’s quality and processes. Recognition from an international organization with CMMI level 3 certification is a great motivation for HBLAB to firmly believe in the development strategy and service quality that the entire company is striving to implement and achieve.



We hope that on the path to attaining higher certifications, HBLAB will receive support and trust from customers.

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